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Techno Toy Tuning JGTC Nylon Shift Knob

Fits multiple vehicles

 T3 JGTC Nylon Shift Knob

These shift knobs were inspired by the ones found on the race cars found in the JGTC. The very simple lines and smooth finish make these shift knobs very comfortable to use.

T3 machined these from solid nylon stock. They black ones are solid black and the white ones are semi-translucent white nylon.

These shift knobs are an excellent isolation from heat and we have tested them in several mechanics cars to make sure they will not discolor from oils grease or grime.

We have them in both 12x1.25 and 10x1.25 thread pitch for a direct fitment into all Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles.

Please specify make and model of car when ordering
If you're not sure which thread pitch to order, email us here.

Techno Toy Tuning JGTC style shift knobs 10x1.25


Techno Toy Tuning JGTC style shift knobs 12x1.25

T3 JGTC Nylon Shift Knob

T3 JGTC Nylon Shift Knob