Garage Star Minimalist Center Console

Finished our new minimalist center console. I made this to give another option to the shorty console we already make. The console fit rover the factory rubber boot, ebrake lever and rear trunk/gas lever. It's held into place by Velcro to the factory carpet. As of right now we have black available but also plan to make it in tan and red LE. I'm also working on a tombstone cap that will be available in the near future.


Price is $150 with free shipping within the US. $180 shipped International

Click the link to purchase.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call. Email is on the contacts page


Garage Star adjustable rear chassis brace with tow hook

Matt asked me to make one so here is the prototype. It's a height adjustable brace with a tow hook. Don't know the exact price on it just yet but the CAD files have been sent to the machine shop and we will go into production next week. Shooting for $100-$120 plus shipping.

The finish on the brace will be either powder coated red or zinc coated.

The brace was made for Miata's running a cut bumper. It mounts to the factory holes on a NA Miata but will have to drill holes to make it work on a NB.

If you are interested shoot me a email. Email is on the contacts page.