Clearance sale on Gen 1 Garage Star water pump pulleys

Hey guys. We are having a sale on the first Gen 1.6 and 1.8 water pump pulley. We are no longer going to produce the (non power steering version) pulleys since the new design will work fine with and without power steering.
Email me if you are interested.

Price $60
Shipping within the US $5
Shipping to Canada is $18
Shipping anywhere else in the world $24

Here is what we have in stock.

1.6 Non Power Steering Black -2
1.6 Non Power Steering Gold -1
1.6 Non Power Steering Silver - 3

1.8 Non Power Steering Purple - 4
1.8 Non Power Steering Blue - 2
1.8 Non Power Steering Gold - 5
1.8 Non Power Steering Raw Silver - 30

Garage Star rocker Stripes by R2 Limited

You can now choose colors in the drop down menu on the Garage Star website.


Cooling panel color choices

Here's a few color choices for the NA and NB cooling panels. For special colors please email us through the contacts page.


Garage Star shorty console group buy

Here is a prototype shorty console. The reason we decided to make this is Justin kept removing his center console at track events because he was hitting his elbow on the console. As you can see on this one we had cut the hole out for the power window switch and cut a piece of aluminum to mock up the boot ring and to test fit the switch. Everything is going smooth and should have a final this week and go into production. Aluminum and carbon boot ring will be an option and will be sold separately if somebody wants to use the ring on a stock center console. If you have any questions feel free to email or call. Email is on the contacts page.


Consoles will come in two versions. With and without power windows. If you order a power window version we will cut the hole for factory power windows. NB version will follow soon.


Fill out the form and email it to me.

Name -
Email -
Fiberglass or Carbon -
With or without power windows -
What shift boot trim -


Fiberglass shorty console - $90 plus shipping
Carbon fiber shorty console - $160 plus shipping
Aluminum boot trim - $45
Carbon boot trim - $35
Will come with all new hardware

***Group buy price***

Fiberglass shorty console - $75 plus shipping
Carbon fiber shorty console - $140 plus shipping
Aluminum boot trim - $35
Carbon boot trim - $25
Will come with all new hardware


Stock center console. Just a mock up. Project-G Shift and E Brake boots.


We did some test fitting today. We are planning to make a lip that comes out to cover that hole and use a screw to hold the console down. We will make sure everything lines up and fits correctly.

Also we redesigned the window switch part of the console. We decided to make it all one piece and have only make holes for the buttons so only the buttons will be exposed since the old window switch panel looks like crap.


Garage Star Tire Rack

Some of you have seen some of these photos on the Garage Star Facebook page but Justin just got back from Miata Challenge today with some great feedback on the tire rack. We have been testing it around town transporting wheels but this weekend he had a chance to put the Garage Star tire rack to the test. He drove over 600 miles from Sacramento to Buttonwillow and back without any issues. We plan to make a few small upgrades to the tire rack then go into full production. Pricing will be announced very soon. If you have any questions feel free to email me


More pulleys in stock!

More colored pulleys are back in stock!


Garage Star oil cap coming soon!

We are pleased to announce that the Garage Star oil cap will be for sale very soon. The oil cap is machined from billet aluminum.  Here are a few photos of the vintage style oil cap. The oil cap in the photos is a sample and hasn't been polished. I will have more photos of the final product later this week. We will have raw silver( as seen in photos, gold, satin silver, red, blue and black available . If you are interested in one please email me. Email is on the contacts page.