Garage Star 4" shift extender

Garage Star 4" shift extender is now offered in 4x1.50.

Thread pitch is available in
12 x 1.25, 10 x 1.25 and 10x1.50
(Fits most Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Infinity and Mitsubishi applications)

Made from high grade 303 Stainless Steel and polished

Very easy to install

Also comes in 2.75" length

Please note: For 1990-2005 Miata owners, please select 10 x 1.25 thread pitch.
For AE86 owners, please select 12 x 1.25 thread pitch.
For most Honda owners, please select 10x1.50 thread pitch

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Garage Star hardtop security bolts are now in stock!!!!

The Garage Star security bolt kit is available for the Garage Star stainless steel hardtop brackets. With the increase in popularity of the Miata, hardtops have been getting stolen at an alarming rate. These security bolts are a great add on to the Garage Star hardtop brackets. 

The security kit comes with:

4 - M8 Security Torx 304 Stainless Steel L 20mm
8 - M6 Security Torx 304 Stainless Steel L 20mm
4 - M8 Lock washers
8 - M6 Lock washers
1 - Security driver
1 - Security driver


Also works well with expensive mirrors and license plates


Used MemoryFab Kevlar seat for sale

I am selling one MemoryFab kevlar racing bucket seat. I've owned this seat for about 2 years. It was the same seat I had in my AE86. I daily drove both my AE86 and my Miata. Drove to LA many times in this seat. Very good seat for daily driving.

Seat has 3 small holes from getting in and out of the car and a little fading on the seat.

Price $275.00

Location is Sacramento, CA

If you are interested email me. Email is on the contacts page.


Evil Genius Roll Bar Group Buy!

Evil Genius Racing out of West Sacramento allowing Garage Star to hold a group buy on their roll bars. Here is the price breakdown

MSRP $500

5 Roll Bars- $425 + Tax

10 Roll Bars - $400 + Tax

15 Roll Bars - $385 + Tax


Standard colors are 60% black and gloss black at no extra charge. If you would like a custom color it will be an additional $60.

Shipping withing California will be roughly $50. Shipping within the continental US will not exceed $80. (If shipped EGR will not box the roll bar and might have scratches on the bar)

Group buy price will end July 6th. In order to get these special rates you will need to have your money in before the deadline. I will accepts cash, check and Paypal (If using Paypal you will have to add paypal fee)

Please fill out the form and email me. Email is on the contacts page.


Name -

Email -

Year Miata -

Pick up or ship -

60% Black, Gloss Black or Custom color -


Roll bar info

  • Construction that allows you to use the stock seat belts and seat belt mounts, without alteration or relocation OR use racing harness with the integrated harness bar.
  • SIX mounting points – four lower points that tie directly into the strength of the unibody and two upper points at the shock towers. This provides superior rollover protection and contributes significantly to the overall torsional rigidity of the car.
  • Diagonal bar to maximize strength.
  • A single design that’s compatible with plastic-window soft tops, glass-window soft tops, AND hard tops. So if you change your top, you won’t have to change your roll bar too.
  • Ultra-strong 1.5” .120 wall DOM steel tubing, powder coated black for a tough finish and a clean appearance.
  • Bolt-in design adapted from Evil Genius Racing’s full weld-in race cage – the track-proven product of over 15 years of first-hand Miata racing experience.



Install guide


Garage Star Tow Hooks

The Garage Star tow hooks are laser cut from 304 stainless steel and A36 hot rolled steel. The tow hooks are .250" thick. The stainles steel tow hooks have a nice milled finish and the rolled steel is powder coated red.

Both front and rear tow hooks will fit 1990-2005 Mazda Miata's and other vehicles (Other vehicles might need modification to fit)

Tow hooks fit driver and passenger side without modification

Front powder coated Red - $40.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.
Front stainless steel - $70.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.

Rear powder coated red - $40.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.
Rear stainless steel - $70.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.

Combo front & rear powder coated red $70.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.

Combo front & rear stainless steel $130.00 Plus shipping. $5.00 with in the US and $18.00 International.

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jinba-ittai Decal designed by Shintaro Maeda

Garage Star is proud to release the jinba-ittai Decal designed by Shintaro Maeda. We currently are releasing the decal in three colors. Orange, silver and white. Decals are 5 1/2" X61/2". Comes in both NA and NB versions.

To purchase click Buy It Now below

Please specify what version and color when purchasing.

Price - $7 shipped anywhere in the USA.

$11 for international orders

To purchase please click the link