Garage Star Delrin door Bushings

Replace your old worn rubber bushings with Garage Star delrin door bushings. The Garage Star door bushings will help with chassis rigidity.




Drove the car today with the GarageStar door bushings and I have to say, these things are great!

One of the most immediate things I noticed with these was something I didn’t even have to drive the car to see; audio quality was massively improved with these. The stock 10AE Bose system doesn’t sound terrible anymore! Bass and mids are much cleaner and the bass hits are a lot punchier than before. Night and day difference in regards to that.

As far as drivability goes, I probably noticed the benefits of these the most while going over bumps and highway joints in the road. The doors definitely don’t move at all. These make that signature Miata wiggle and clunking sound virtually disappear over harsh bumps.

As far as NVH:

Noise: Quite the opposite of what I was expecting; a very noticeable reduction in noise overall. Mostly noticeable when going over bumps.
Vibration: Little to no additional vibration from what I could tell. My car is pretty well braced, so your mileage may vary here depending on what level of bracing is installed in your car.
Harshness: Little to no additional harshness. Yet again, this may vary depending on what you have installed in your car.
One thing I will say: these bushings are great for keeping your doors where they need to be while driving, but they are not a replacement for door bars or frame rails by any means. Not really sure where people were getting that idea to begin with, but for what they are, they do their job fantastically well.

Well done Ken!



Installed GarageStar’s new Delrin door bushings today. 4 Phillips screws and a quick test drive later, I’m pretty impressed.

They eliminated most(not all) of my “65mph shimmy” and make the car feel totally solid.

Tested with hardtop installed, bone stock 99 NB with 192k miles. NBs are significantly stiffer than NAs from the get go so I was surprised how effective these little pieces of plastic are.

In the grand scheme of chassis stiffeners, these are pennies compared to all the other options and more effective than all the shock tower bars, Cannon Braces and lower control arm tie bars I’ve ever tried.

Hit up Garage Star to get yours.

Dan Howard


I just installed these today on my NB1 daily driver, and I couldn’t be more impressed! Cabin noise is greatly reduced over rough terrain, my car no longer creaks when entering a driveway (I could literally watch my door gap separate prior), and I can affirm that the audio quality has improved with my BOSE/Clearwater setup – much less vibration with lower frequencies. The doors now close with an affirmative clunk that is reminiscent of higher dollar luxury cars.I also test fit them on a few other NA/NB prior to my final install, no need for sanding or modification. If you are experiencing any issues, it is likely that your steel cup has been damaged or bent in your car’s lifetime. Like mentioned earlier, hand tighten to snug, close the door a few times, and cinch it down.Absolutely worth every penny. Hands down one of the best dollar for dollar modifications available for our cars.Great work Ken!!
Black Box Motorsport
Read Adam's review and install guide in the link below.


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Garage Star 1.75 " Delrin shift knobs!

A bunch of customers requested we make a black spherical shift knob  so here they are!







Garage Star Stainless Steel Frame Rails

The Garage Star stainless steel frame rails slide over the factory frame rails and stiffen the cars chassis. Over time the factory rails are get damaged over speed bumps, jacking the car from the factory frame rails and mishaps on the race track. With the Garage Star frame rails we designed the bottom to be flat so for lowered and slammed car it wouldn't catch over speed bumper and sharp angled driveways. We also put plenty of drain holes so dirt and water doesn't collect between the factory frame rail and the Garage Star frame rails.
The Garage Star fame rails are made from 14 gauge stainless steel and comes with stainless mounting hardware.

Installation takes about 2.5-3 hours. You will need a drill (to drill holes for the frame rails) and sheers (to trim factory fuel rail bracket) Fuel rail bracket will use the stock mounting locations.
When installing the frame rails no welding is required. Some factory frame rail might need to be repaired before installing the frame rails.

Price $130 plus shipping

To purchase click the link

For questions please email me. Email is on the contacts page.







Garage Star Minimalist Center Console

Finished our new minimalist center console. I made this to give another option to the shorty console we already make. The console fit rover the factory rubber boot, ebrake lever and rear trunk/gas lever. It's held into place by Velcro to the factory carpet. As of right now we have black available but also plan to make it in tan and red LE. I'm also working on a tombstone cap that will be available in the near future.


Price is $150 with free shipping within the US. $180 shipped International

Click the link to purchase.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call. Email is on the contacts page


Mazdaspeed replica front lip

I'm planning to make this front lip. Price will be $250-300 depending on interest. If you are interested email me. email is on the contacts page. It might be one run depending on interest.
I'll have better photos after this weekend

RS Active headlight shrouds in Carbon

For all you RS Active owners out there I'm planning to make a LIMITED run of carbon headlight shrouds. I know some of the RS Actives floating around didn't come with it when you bought them used. This will be a VERY LIMITED run since I don't know many people that have them. I'll know pricing in a week or less but just wanted to put it out there to see if you guys would be interested. Shrouds fit Type I and Type II RS Active lights

If you are interested shoot me a email. Email is on the contacts page.

Garage Star Brake Master Brace for RHD MX-5 / Roadster / Miata

Hey guys. We are going into production on a RHD version of our awesome brake master brace.

Price $90 Shipped within the US $114 shipped international

There are 2 versions.

Type 1 will fit most NA and NB models. If you measure from the firewall to the front of the master it should be just under 9". Type II will fit a small percent of NB's without ABS. Please measure before ordering.

There will be a raffle. Anybody that preorders will have their name added to the raffle and will get a chance to win a free brake master brace.

Fill out the form and email to us.

Name -
Email -
Type I or Type II -
Country -

A little about the product.

Open the hood of your Roadster and have someone step on the brakes. You will witness the firewall flexing and the entire brake master cylinder assembly moving forward. This flexing hampers braking performance and results in a soft brake pedal.

The GarageStar Brake Master Brace creates a bridge between the firewall, master cylinder and shock tower, eliminating firewall flex and allowing the driver to regain maximum braking force and increased pedal stiffness. The Brake Master Brace is formed from steel and is powdercoated in a black finish.

Fits Miatas using factory air box and using Randell cowl or Racing Beat intakes

See what others are saying about the Garage Star Brake Master Brace

Just got back from a NASAAZ Time Trials weekend. It was raining almost the entire day Saturday, and Sunday was on and off. The only difference on my car from the last track event was I changed from ATE superblows to rbf600 and put on this brace.

I could write a lengthy review, but I'll try to keep it short. Pre-brace, I found myself losing brake pressure/feel, due to either a culmination of fluid heating up, pads, or the whole assembly moving foward under hard braking.

This works as it solved almost all my issues. Pretty much constant brake pedal feel the entire day under hard braking. Granted, due to the improved feel, I locked up the brakes a few times since my mind said "this is where it USED to require more pressure" but my foot said "aint nobody got time for that!"

Great product!



Garage Star Brake Master Brace - Buy it. My pedal felt firmer, but not over-firm to where it was tiring to depress all day. The thing I was most impressed with was the consistent pedal feel all day. Every single session and every single lap the brake pedal felt exactly the same into every corner, something I had not experienced with this car before. Because it's a 95M it has an ABS unit, and despite having the unit disabled, it still causes a mushy pedal sometimes toward the end of a track day. Not so with the master brace. I did not bleed the fluid between October and now, so the pedal feel had to have been due to the brace. Buy one, you won't be disappointed.

Elliot Meme

NorCal's 1st Annual Roadster BBQ

For the past few years some of the local Roadsters community has been asking to throw a BBQ.  Well here it is! Mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Hamburgers, Hot dogs and drinks will be provided by Garage Star.  Keep checking the Garage Star website, Facebook and Instagram for updates. #garagestareats =)

When - Saturday April 12, 2014
Where - Treasure Island
Time - 10AM-6PM