NorCal's 1st Annual Roadster BBQ

For the past few years some of the local Roadsters community has been asking to throw a BBQ.  Well here it is! Mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Hamburgers, Hot dogs and drinks will be provided by Garage Star.  Keep checking the Garage Star website, Facebook and Instagram for updates. #garagestareats =)

When - Saturday April 12, 2014
Where - Treasure Island
Time - 10AM-6PM



Redesigned rear tow hook

Here is the redesign of the rear tow hook. This is a photo of the raw version. They will come powder coated. Also stainless tow hook will be discontinued when we are out of stock. On have 3 sets of front and rear stainless tow hooks left.




Garage Star 4" shift extender

Garage Star 4" shift extender is now offered in 4x1.50.

Thread pitch is available in
12 x 1.25, 10 x 1.25 and 10x1.50
(Fits most Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Infinity and Mitsubishi applications)

Made from high grade 303 Stainless Steel and polished

Very easy to install

Also comes in 2.75" length

Please note: For 1990-2005 Miata owners, please select 10 x 1.25 thread pitch.
For AE86 owners, please select 12 x 1.25 thread pitch.
For most Honda owners, please select 10x1.50 thread pitch

To purchase click the link below.


Garage Star NA & NB Miata top hats coming soon.

Garage Star NA & NB Miata top hats will come in various height options. 1" and 2" top hat heights. Will fit most of the coilovers on the market. These top hats are in raw form but will come powder coated black.

Pre-order price for a pair of top hats (2 top hats) any size. No additional cost for shipping on one additional pair.

$90 shipped

$143 Shipped international

MSRP for a pair of top hats. No additional cost for shipping on one additional pair.

$110 a pair shipped within the US

$163 a pair shipped international


Email us if you are interested using the contacts page.


1" NA & NB Miata top hats

2" NA & NB Miata top hats

Clearance sale on Gen 1 Garage Star water pump pulleys

Hey guys. We are having a sale on the first Gen 1.6 and 1.8 water pump pulley. We are no longer going to produce the (non power steering version) pulleys since the new design will work fine with and without power steering.
Email me if you are interested.

Price $60
Shipping within the US $5
Shipping to Canada is $18
Shipping anywhere else in the world $24

Here is what we have in stock.

1.6 Non Power Steering Black -2
1.6 Non Power Steering Gold -1
1.6 Non Power Steering Silver - 3

1.8 Non Power Steering Purple - 4
1.8 Non Power Steering Blue - 2
1.8 Non Power Steering Gold - 5
1.8 Non Power Steering Raw Silver - 30

Garage Star rocker Stripes by R2 Limited

You can now choose colors in the drop down menu on the Garage Star website.


Cooling panel color choices

Here's a few color choices for the NA and NB cooling panels. For special colors please email us through the contacts page.