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I have seen these door bars in person and I wanted to post this on Garage Star to let everybody know what a awesome product this is. The price is great and you don't have any issues with getting in and out of your car like some of the other bars on the market. The guys at DIYRoadster is doing a great job and hope to see more stuff in the future. They ship to all 50 states. For more info please email DIY Roadster at

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A little bit of backstory

This whole project started a few months ago on a group drive I was attending, when I sat in a friend's car that had recently installed doorbars. I was excited to try them out because I was interested in purchasing a set for myself in the near future.

Well, basically I wasn't impressed. The bars interfered with getting in and out of the car way more that I had initially expected. They further cramped the already claustrophobic foot well of the Miata, and most surprising of all they restricted window crank access to the point where opening the door to crank the windows was almost a necessity. They did have a beautiful powdercoated finish and stiffened the chassis of the car, but after my first experience with these door bars I came to think... I can make one that solves all those problems.

I teamed up with a friend of mine and we put the ideas onto paper then into tube... lots of tube... After we had what we wanted, and what I felt was a definite step forward in design, we finalized the idea and that's how these door bars and DIYroadster came about.

At first glance they may not seem all that different from other door bars on the market, but in actuality the only thing these have in common with others is the rear mounting point. Everything else different, which is what makes these what they are.

Well, what are they?

They are built from .095 wall CREW tubing with a 1.75" outside diameter. This is larger than any other door bar on the market yet at the same time is less intrusive in the cabin, also it's combined with a more triangulated design to provide increased stiffness.

They do not interfere with window crank operation. Depending on the size of your hands, you won't even notice the bar is there.

The triangulated design means they angle down at about the middle of the door opening, making getting in and out of the car much easier.

They hug the door panel very closely. Depending on how you mount the front plate they can be anywhere from touching to about half an inch away from the door panel. Due to the close fitting nature of the Bars they will only fit in the NA chassis miatas, door bars for the larger more intrusive door panels of the NB are still in the works.

They DO NOT come powdercoated at this time but they will be primered, ready to be painted in your color of choice.

The set weighs in at 16.25 pounds thats including front backing plates, and all hardware.

Price is $310 + Shipping

If you are interested in purchasing a DIYRoadster DoorBar please contact them at

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