JCCA Classic Car Festival New Years Meeting Odaiba, Japan Part 1



To say this event was rad is a understatement, this is by far my favorite automotive meet.  The number of amazing classic Japanese cars is overwhelming.  If you love old school Japanese cars, this is a worth while trip, the swap meet is an added bonus too.  There are four JCCA events through out the year, the New Year Meeting being the biggest gathering usually taking place in Odaiba.



Lucky for us, the weather had just cleared up the day before and it was sunny skies.  We took the train over and as we walked over to the event a bunch of bosozuku cars blasted by on the road nearby.  We were pretty juiced!  The cars in the parking lots outside the event are a show in themselves.  Most being just as nice and rad as the cars within.

There are rows with amazing builds, immaculate restorations and vintage race cars tucked in here and there.  Exotic European cars (we were surprised by the number of badass Lotus Europa’s there) and even some older american cars.  The event runs from 9am to 4pm, which sounds like a long time, but there are so many cars to look at and then the swap meet too.  You could spend an hour looking over a row of Hakosuka’s and Ken Mary’s or get lost looking for hard to find old parts in the swap meet.  Make sure to come early to check out the cars in the parking lot though, they are worth it, a huge variety of Japanese badassery.



After checking out some cool old little Kei cars we came across a group of awesome Celicas, several sporting Wizard stickers.


This yellow Celica sporting flares and wide Hayashi Streets drew our intention as soon as we spotted it.  The owner was super cool and came over and popped the hood for us.

DSC04844_25x25 DSC04867_25x25 DSC04871_25x25 DSC04870_25x25

We then made our way over to opposing rows of Skylines and Lotus Europa’s, it was a interesting pairing, seeing them together.  This Hakosuka on four spoke Watanabes and Black Lotus Europa on SSR MK3’s are awesome.

DSC04887_25x25 DSC04886_25x25 DSC04903_25x25 DSC04907_25x25

It’s pretty cool to see Team Wild Cards represented in Japan with an amazing Skyline on TE37 wrapped with Hoosiers



To be continued. In the mean time here’s a few photos from the event and a word from our sponsor.



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Written by Tom Johnston Instagram @_night.moves_

Photography by Kenjo Raif Instagram @garagestar