Garage Star Engine Lift Plates & Skid Plate


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*This will be the final run of the Garage Star Skid plate & Engine Lift kit*

The Garage Star engine lift plate is designed to help lowered cars protect their motors by creating more ground clearance for the oil pan. Add the use of the Garage Star skid plate with the lift plates for maximum protection. The kit comes with two lift plates, skid plate, and mounting hardware. The skid plate will require drilling eight (8) 1/4″ holes in the subframe for mounting.


Step One.
You want to first jack your car up and secure the vehicle with jack stands.

Step Two.
Loosen up the nuts for the motor mounts on each side but don’t remove them all the way.

Step Three.
Use a block of wood on the jack to keep the jack from damaging the oil pan. Jack the engine slowly until it won’t go any higher.

Step Four.
Slide one Garage Star engine lift plate in between the motor mount and subframe on each side.

Step Five.
Now that the Garage Star engine lift plates are in place, lower motor and tighten the motor mounts. Double check the motor mounts and nuts.


Additional information
Weight 14.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in
Engine Lift Plate

Engine Lift Plate & Skid Plate Combo