Garage Star Universal Drop Vent Heat Extractor



Inner diameter 23×3.5×2

Outer diameter is 28 1/4x 15×2

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The Garage Star universal drop vent is created around the idea of evacuating hot air from the engine bay while maintaining a sleek and subtle look. Most vented hoods tens to be aggressive in looks while the Garage Star vent takes a more subtle approach and retains full functionality. Because it is a universal vent, it will work with every make or model and can be grafted into your factory hood. The vent can be attached using pop rivets or an adhesive making it even easier to install.



The vent was tested on my 96 integra on the street, as well as on the track. On the street, coolant temps dropped from 190F and fluctuated between 185-187F. On track, the vent really shines. My oil temp on a 100 degree day is anywhere from 280 – 300F while coolant temps stay around 215F. The drop vent was able to keep oil temps at 270F and coolant temp to 205F. Testing was done at Buttonwillow raceway, configuration 13CW when ambient temperatures were 100F.  The vent performed flawlessly at keeping my oil temperatures on the cooler side vs. where they had been previously.

Overall, the Garage Star universal drop vent is a must have for anyone who goes to the track, or is after that track oriented look. A cool running engine is a happy engine, and this drop vent is in my opinion the best way to keep your engine running cooler without running expensive oil coolers. And, because it is made of fiberglass, it can easily be modified to clear your engine swap or turbo set up.


Dylan Fujimoto



Inner diameter 23×3.5×2

Outer diameter is 28 1/4x 15×2


Produced locally here in Sacramento, CA USA

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