Garage Star Security Bolt Kit


Fits Multiple Vehicles


The Garage Star security bolt kit is available for the Garage Star stainless steel hardtop brackets. With the increase in popularity of the Miata, hardtops have been getting stolen at an alarming rate. These security bolts are a great add on to the Garage Star hardtop brackets.

Also works great for expensive mirrors and license plates!

The security kit comes with:

4 – M8 Security Torx 304 Stainless Steel L 20mm
8 – M6 Security Torx 304 Stainless Steel L 20mm
4 – M8 Lock washers
8 – M6 Lock washers
1 – Security driver
1 – Security driver

I think my $80 investment in Garagestar hardtop brackets and security bolts just saved me $1000 – someone was in my car last night (while it was in my driveway in Downtown Vancouver) but my security system of “hardtop brackets, doors unlocked, nothing of value in the car” worked and the worst that happened is that my car smells a little like the cheap cigarettes the would-be thief was smoking.

-Christopher D Alexander-


Produced locally here in Sacramento, CA USA

Additional information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in