Garage Star Extended Lower Ball Joints ELBJ FOR NA/NB Miata


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The extended Lower Ball Joint for 1989-2005 Mazda Miatas safely allows increased negative camber for track and street vehicles. Most cars should expect to add minus two degrees camber to their current camber rate at stock ride height.
• Add approximately 3° negative camber at stock ride height, with a typical camber adjustment from -.5° to -3.5°

• Easy—swap out Lower Ball Joints in 20-30 minutes—no bushings to press or A-arms to remove

• Safe—built by ISO9001 company with better than OEM quality as their goal

• Added tire clearance for fenders

• Does not draw the upper tire closer to the springs like eccentric bushings

• Choose stock camber or track camber quickly and easily with one part

• Negative camber will increase when suspension is dropped to race levels

• Will not change camber with extreme use

• Racer-friendly price!

• Legal for SCCA STR. Legal for NASA Spec Miata. +2 points for NASA TT/PT

• One order = a pair (2) when ordering


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