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The Track Dog Racing™ exclusive heat shield was designed to help keep your under hood temperatures in check.

The TDR Heat Shield is manufactured using heavy-grade industrial aluminum to reflect radiant heat and to balance the conducted heat across its surface.  Insulation is 2000 degree rated ceramic wool that helps maintain its shape as you form the TDR Heat Shield around the exhaust manifold or header.  The outer surface is an aluminized fiberglass mat that not only looks good, but also adds to the efficiency of the TDR Heat Shield by dissipating heat, resulting in lower surface temperatures.

Why our Heat Shield is a better option over header wrap.

Cool air needs to be around the header, and insulating it with a wrap to hold exhaust heat in makes the header material surface temperatures reach near molten levels. When you wrap the header you trap the heat in the header, but also suffocate the material that needs to breathe to dissipate heat for its own survival.

Engineers, Metallurgists, and other experts out there will state that there is no way that the material can fail because it was designed to withstand the internal temperatures of exhaust gases. However, when the header is not allowed to cool (or breathe) so as to dissipate those extreme temperatures that the wrap is controlling, you have now developed a heat absorption that compares to thermal friction. This causes temperatures to continue to rise beyond the normal exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) the header material was designed to withstand. Our insulated heat shield creates an air pocket to help dissapate the heat.

We know that header manufacturers will NOT WARRANTY a header which has had a wrap installed on it. We also know that headers have been destroyed after running headers wraps, and these headers were on a perfectly tuned engines. If you want a true thermal barrier that will reduce under hood temperatures without damaging your header or voiding its warranty, the TDR Insulated Heat Shield is the obvious choice.

Available for use with factory manifolds and all aftermarket headers. Will also work with all 1990-2015 Miata and MX-5 and is a must for supercharger applications.  We have also had creative customers use our insulated heat shields on everything from Honda Civics to V8 powered race cars.

Installation Instructions:

1990-2005 Instructions

2006+ Instructions


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

1990-2005, 2006-2015